Peace on Earth

There's a lot of things I could say,but there's only one truth. Is your life right with the LORD? Do you have peace of mind? When you lay your head on your pillow at night do you feel like if you were to die and go to the next phase, would you be in the right place? I decided to quote directly from the Bible so I wouldn't get anything wrong. So, here we go to save your soul or at least I am going to do my best to encourage you to do so. I am not a preacher or prophetess. I'm a Christian trying to help others that feel that their lives are out of control and need a helping hand to find the Lord and I am here to do just that, for that is what He said we are here to do is to seek and to save. I'll start today by saying something that hit me from Romans...
Romans12: God has shown you his mercy,so I am asking you to offer up your bodies to him while your are still alive.Your bodies are a holy sacrifice that is pleasing to God.Don't live any longer the way this world lives.Let your way of thinking be completely changed. Then you will be able to test what God wants for you.And you will agree that what he wants is right.His plan is good and pleasing and perfect.God's grace has been given to me.So here is what I say to every one of you.Don't think of yourself more highly than you should.Be reasonable when you think about yourself.Keep in mind the amount of faith God has given you.
Now,to me that states that we must give all to the Lord and to surrender all.We are to be like clay that He can mold into what He wants us to be. We are not to try to do things on our taking on too much on our shoulders.Believe me,I have had to give my worries over to The Lord.There is no way I would have survived this life with what I have had to deal with and am going through.
I prayed hard tonight @ my life and being right with Him and felt so at ease like my cares had been lifted.It is a wonderful feeling when you're so close to Him. I talk to Him all day and feel His presence with me.It is a wonderful feeling of relief,happiness and contintment.I even sing to The Lord and feel so alive and blessed.I am writing this post to encourage someone else to feel that same way. It is so very possible if you just let Him take it from you...all your worries and what is weighing on your shoulders.Don't let the world fool you into believing that you have all the time in the don't.When He arrives on that cloud in the sky to receive all those who lived for Him, I know you want to be happy @ it and not fearing of what you've done or said.
When He says to offer up your bodies to Him while your are still alive, I feel He means to relinquish, give up yourselves to Him while you are still here and not dead and buried...and too late to do it. He doesn't mean to kill yourself, for how can you ask forgiveness if you gone? So, please don't do that! You don't know what life can give it a chance.It can get better if you just give it a chance. And, by the way, you know that it is a permanent solution to a temporary problem! I know life can be hard, but we have to withstand what it brings. Be strong in our faith and that will be sufficient. Trust me on this, you can.
He does also say in Romans that we all have different gifts,they differ in keeping with the grace that God has given each of us. If the gift of prophecy..then us it in keeping with the faith you have. If to serve,then serve.If teaching..then teach.Is it telling others how they should live? Then tell them. Is it giving to those who are in need? Then give freely.Is it being a leader? Then work hard at it. Is it showing mercy? Then do it cheerfully.
This all comes from Romans Chapter 12 and to me this last paragraph is all about what The Lord gives us to use and not to store away. He wants us to use what HE gave us and I will talk next time on come back to hear what I have to say @ that!
Read your Bibles daily. Pick some time in the day to just sit down and be with The Lord...He will bless you and keep you.
Until next time, Take care and always...GOD BLESS!!


  1. You have done a good job with your posting. I think of you often and always wish you and your family well. I wish you werent having to go through so much pain but I guess we all have a cross to near for Him. Stay in touch.

  2. Madam - I wish that your problem may be solved by the Power to whom you believe. Further I will post after going through the note carefully. I am mailing below a mailwhich created confusion in many people and for that purpose I am mailing this artilce type mail


    By Kirpal Singh, Kurukshetra India

    This article is not against anyone. It is written to remove
    the fear of the people being created by the TV media
    To facilitate the reading the writer would expose himself as (I)

    Facts -I
    The writer has already explained in many articles that how many galaxies are in this Universe no body knows. In the galaxy which we see at night there are five earth type planets where lives exist and there is Planet which is main server where the deities control the lives. On 11th October,2009 and earlier also on relay centre “Aj Tak” of TV in India it was relayed that on the basis of Civilization of Maya of America which had professed that after 21st December ,2012 the Sun along with its planets would go to the black hole and there would no existence of this solar system - means the planets taking round of the Sun. It is wrong – no doubt science of this era has invented the black hole but they could not properly establish what that black hole is. In one of my articles I have explained about the “Saturn Effect on the lives of the earth” where I also mentioned about two invisible planets i.e. Rahu and Ketu. The black hole which the science has invented as black hole may be one that invisible planet.

    The Sun around which this earth resolves is a big Oven and its planets and also some far away Sun(s) send this Sun (big oven ) a peculiar invisible gas which in the form of light comes from this main Sun (Oven) and on account of this process day and night become on this earth and other sub-planets . When these planets at their places at the prescribed speed revolve a peculiar invisible gas take formation and that gas these planets send to this Sun ( Oven big Sun) – and after a gap years a Star with long tale comes to this Sun and vanishes. This star of tale work as lighter which strike this Sun(oven) and light of star with tale provide energy to the Sun . Sooner and later it would be proved by the scientists of this era.


    The Supreme Power created lives on these earths and that Power always save the lives – so there is no fear by profess of any Civilization. But if this era scientists people continue in making useless and unwanted weapons – then there are more chances of destruction of this earth . How painful it is when it is relayed on the media that advanced countries made missiles which can destroy the lives up to a distance of 2500 kms. Why that advanced countries could not make a missile which can bring the dead into lives no one question this. How much it is painful when it is relayed that so and so advance countries have prepared destructive bombs which can destroy the lives to any extent. Further the scientists are inventing and firing with missile on the Moon. One side population is increasing and the other side destructive acts to spoil the nature and it process are done – in such an atmosphere what Maya Civilization people had professed can take place to some extent . But the innocent should not be afraid because that Supreme Power of the Universe always keep soft corner for these people. In case of any query or clarification I may be contracted at my ID
    Thanks – Kirpal Singh

  3. Thank you guys for ur post. I know @ how everything became known 2 be into existence and that was The Almighty GOD..Yeah, He did it all and I know if we just focus on what He wants and we live 4 HIM then we will see a difference in our lives, but until then life will just be an endless void. I know because I was there and now even disabled have everything I want in my life and need except could do w/out pain, but who's to say we are going to get absolutely everything to learn as they say "you don't know what you got until it's gone".After you do wihtout a meaning ..a realism in truth and faith, you never take for granted it again...Take care and always GOD BLESS..skeetelmore65

  4. I am unable at this time to post to my own cite and I am sure that is because of all the changing going on in this great country. A great Country being changed for the worse. If we could just all stand together on this. We don't want to lose our FREEDOM...our rights to be an American with GOD in it. Please, whatever you do take a stand against this new Health Care Reform that is taking place. Don't just wait around for it to be too late. It takes just one voice to make a sound and us together is many.
    Would you do something for me and it is important or I wouldn't ask you. I want you to just watch Fox News to hear the truth. They don't sugar coat anything. They tell it like it is. Especially Glenn Beck. I know he is a little nutty and sometimes goes on and on, but he is concerned @ our Country. He is a good man, I truly believe it. He said a prayer at the end of his show once and I loved that. It showed me his humbleness and godliness. It is so vital that we listen to the truth. Don't let our COUNTRY be changed into a place you won't even recognize anymore. The HC reform is bad and it won't do us a bit of good. If it isn't good enough for the President or his agenda carriers then it shouldn't be good enough for us. Think @ it...He was asked if he would also take this health care and he avoided the question. Later, it showed up on the HC that a provision was made that they wouldn't have to have our health care that they are fighting for us to take...NOW, what do you think @ that! IF IT ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH FOR THEM TO HAVE WHY ARE WE BEING PUSHED INTO IT AND HAVE YOU NOTICED HOW FAST THIS THING IS GOING AND THAT STIMULAS PACKAGE HAD A HIDDEN AGENDA...WHEN IT WENT OUT IT HAD A RATIONING BOARD SET UP..SO NOW THE PANEL OF OBAMA'S CZARS ARE OUT THERE WAITING FOR THAT HEALTH CARE TO BE FINALIZED AND WE WILL BE RATIONED FROM WHO KNOWS WHAT ALL...PLEASE STAND UP LIKE GLENN BECK SAYS AND QUESTION WIHT BOLDNESS,HOLD TO THE TRUTH AND TO SPEAK WITHOUT FEAR...FOR THIS IS THE ONLY WAY US AMERICANS WILL HOLD ONTO OUR COUNTRY AND HAVE IT'S FREEDOMS AND LIBERTIES AS OUR FOUNDING FATHERS MADE US TO BE....

  5. Now, I am writing to my son who has abandoned me,I feel. His own mom. I don't understand what it is that I have done or haven't done to cause such action to be against me.
    I do have one analysis that I am sure to be true and it is a sad truth. Someone fed him lies @ me and prayed on this innocent child until he just couldn't take it anymore and me being ill I just couldn't fight it.
    I have had an ACD & f Spinal Fusion and that is not to mention Cervical and Lumbar DDD, A Chiari Malformation(this is the biggy), nerve damage,Chronic pain,Cervical Spondylosis,Myofascial pain syndrome,Cervicalgia, and the lists goes on...on top of everything else I have Carpel Tunnel in both hands with a heavy heart added into the mix.
    I love you Shane and I don't have the energy to figtht anymore like I used to, but you take care of yourself while mom thinks of you every single day. Wondering if you are safe and secure.It kills me to think of all the times you were sick and I wanted to be there by your side to help nurse you back to health.
    I pray that you don't have a hard way to go, but I also pray that The Lord will open your eyes and ears to the truth. I pray He also will do anything to wake you up so if the world was to end as we know it that you will be with us in Heaven. The way things are going, it is not looking to good and won't be long. I mean you can get killed by terrorist in your own country.
    Please drive down and see us sometime. I will be scared of the long drive for you, but also have faith in you to do it(just be extra careful). It is a long drive and have made it several times.
    I remember the time I come with mom to get you. You were so happy and I just called 5 min. early and you told me that I had to wait and that was fine, but she wouldn't have itbecause she started an argument with me. I was suffering and hadn't had my surgery yet and it was so hard on me, not to say grandma driving all the way there. She got angry with me and I didn't do anything. I was humble and nice, but she wouldn't let you come back with us. I was so hurt and so was grandma. We just wanted to hold you and see you. How can anyone deny a child his happiness.
    I even went to the police station to tell them, but hesitated to say the name to them for I knew things would change and it did. As soon as the officer asked me who...I told them that these people had pull and it was my weekend to see you, but as soon as I said the name..The police officer in so and I knew. We didn't get you because of that and her. Please know moma tried. I love you hang in there. Time has a way of coming back around..LOVE MOM

  6. Shane, I will write you a short note since my hands aren't at their best. I just miss you and want to tell you that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH...I don't know what to do, but to wait until life's lessons set in. I don't ever want anything to happen to you. I am not with you and can't watch over you like I want. I have to pray and keep the faith and I know The Lord is watching over you.
    Your brother misses you so much and so does the rest...You know your ganny misses you. She seems lost without you. She cries everyday. Not like I don't. I think @ you everyday and have your picture by my bed and see you before I go to sleep each night. Ganny and I say a prayer together each night before we go to sleep. We don't usually miss a night. She says it helps her to sleep better. It helps me so much to. I feel so close to The Lord and I am glad that He is with us here. He keeps us going and making through another day.
    I pray that you are okay and if you ever need me I am here. Just a phone call away. If you can't reach me(just in case Bryan is online),call ganny...she would love that. Anytime..
    I am going to go just in case this post won't work. I had 4,000 or more words last night and lost them all. They were all for you. Just wanted to reach out and see if you ever found this site and please leave a comment for me..for us...LOVE YOU..MOM
    Take care and always..GOD BLESS

  7. Madam for mental peace I am mailing a story which is available in my blog and also on other sites. This is only for your reading and commeents. There may be diffrence in cultural affairs but we are all one.
    What is contentment?
    Friends ,here is a story send by one of my “blogger” friends,Kirpal Singh .An Indian industrialist (lala) asked his ‘Munshi’ (hindi word meaning Secretary)'how much wealth is left in his coffer ?And the Secretary replied that it is sufficient up to his 8th Generation ,but may not be enough for his 9th generation! The industrialist was greatly worried about it and remained in a sad mood there after.He was worried about his 9th Generation! One day he happened to meet a saint who asked him the reason for his sadness. The industrialist explained about his worry. The saint said that it is a small problem and he can overcome it by donating just 2 kg of flour to a poor family every day for a month .So the next evening the industrialist went to the nearby colony and knocked at the door of a poor family. An old woman appeared from the tattered hut. The Industrialist was happy to see the women in rags and offered to donate some flour (atta) to the family. The old woman called out her daughter and enquired how much flour is left in her house. The daughter replied that it is sufficient up to next night. Hearing this, the old woman asked the industrialist to come in the morning of the day after, as they have sufficient flour in the house up to the next night.

    The industrialist started home sad and in deep thought. The contentment on the face of the old women troubled him further. On his way, it came to his mind that when the old woman is not worried of her lively hood for the day after morrow ,why should he be worried about his 9th generation!! His sadness vanished!!

  8. I too had a spinal fusion 7 years ago C3 - C6 I have a titanium plate with 8 screws to hold the fusion together. I have no more pain, because I took charge of my own health, I do Yoga breathing exercises and do mild neck rotating exercises to keep the muscles in my neck and arms strong and flexible.
    I strongly suggest to all here on this forum get off the Pharmaceutical roller coaster ride, they cause nothing but trouble and real, real bad side effects with all major organs and tissues in your body. Go to a reputable Chiropractor and get massages which will alleviate most of the muscle soreness, stiffness and most of all for the pain.
    Most doctors these days no longer practice save and good medicine, but all with exception of a few have become legalized drug pushers, they get so many kick back from big Pharma its become very lucrative for the medical community to push this poisonous drugs on uninformed patients and the general populous. Take charge of your own health and quit relying on doctors for relief, because all they know and were taught and trained to do in the Pharmaceutical owned medical schools, is that relief comes in pill form. Do some real research on natural healing and you'll see it works 110% better than any western doctors could ever do for you. Many Blessings to all.

  9. Oh..I left a long comment, but lost it. Must have done something wrong..cause it disappeared. was so long too, but it is stress.. I worked so hard on it though and put so much info. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your comment and agree with all that you said. Check my new site out that came right after this one and still have. It is called "Life...and the things it brings."
    God Bless and will check back in with you. Thanks ever so much! :)

  10. Oh..that was for you, by the way Greta Witt. :)